Radiant Vitality Pampering

Have you been struggling with weight issues, eating habits, or poor nutrition? Do you want to learn to move your body in fun and playful ways? Do you want more joy and laughter and less stress in your life? Are you too exhausted to enjoy your family and your life, let alone take time to play? Are you finally ready to kick-start your health and your life to a whole new level? Then this is the day for you!

In addition to delicious meals and pampering experiences, we will spend much of the day designing a long-term wellness plan that will empower you to make healthier choices every day, and action steps that you can begin to implement immediately, with powerful results. 

Here’s what you’ll get: 

√  Essential Alchemy to release old traumas around food and eating
√  Holistic Nutrition guidance from your Inner Body Wisdom
√  Change your perspective: Food as Medicine  600px-Fruit_&_vegs_assortment
The importance of Fresh Pure Water

√  Self-nurturing and image consulting
√  Laughter & Play
√  Creative Movement
√  Mindfulness & Meditation
√  Your choice of one bodywork session


 Healthy Chocolate
 Meal plan design
 Quick & Nutritious Recipes


To make an appointment for your complimentary Goddess Discovery Session and determine which package is the right fit for You,
fill out and email the form on the 
Pampered Goddess Profile page

(831) 425-3328 or email: laughyourselfwhole@gmail.com

Get Your Free Laughter Yoga Audio Here! 


Quadira is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Play Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader, Aromatherapist, Master Chef, Nutrition Consultant, and
self-proclaimed Sybarite who  believes in pampering as a way of life.

Come indulge yourself in luxury! You deserve it!

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