A Touch of Bliss

Raindrop Therapy Technique®


    Benefits May Include:
   Balancing the Body Energy
Relief from Lyme Disease & Scoliosis
Releasing Blocked Energy
Structural Realignment
Relieving Muscle Spasms
Facilitating Relaxation

scaled Raindrp imageRaindrop Therapy Technique® is the gentle application of pure Essential Oils to the back. Raindrop Technique® has proven effective in alleviating muscle spasms as well as pain and trauma to the spine, and can assist with conditions of scoliosis, thus making it a superb adjunct therapy to medical intervention. Raindrop Technique® has also been demonstrated in a scientific study to reduce bacterial count in persons experiencing Lyme Disease and other infectious conditions. Some patients do not respond well to pharmaceuticals, so Raindrop offers a natural alternative.

The treatment takes about one hour and includes a special massage oil blend used in European hospitals to help provide relief from muscle cramps, arthritic pain, and sports injuries. A hot, moist pad is also applied to the back, assisting in the penetration of the oils and allowing one a deep sense of peace and relaxation. 

My office is at the Integrated Ayurvdeda clinic, located at 123 Margaret Lane, Suite C-1, Grass Valley, CA. To schedule your appointment call today: 530-470-0257


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