Pampered Goddess Profile

How do you know if  The Pampered Goddess is just right for You?


If you …

• Are a Goddess Entrepreneurs in your 40s +

• Who is burned out from caring for others or from building your businesses

• Have neglected yourself (and your health) in the process

• Are challenged by too much stress 

• Wind up exhausted every day

• Are fed up with squashing yourself to serve others

Then you are in exactly the right place!

Do any of these describe you?

• You desire to be on a spiritual path… if you knew which one to follow

• Dream of a better life for yourself… you’re just not sure how to get there

• You long to have a day off.. and let someone else take care of YOU!

• You’d love to be pampered… but are not sure you deserve it

• You Are awakening to your Self and  

• Are committed to creating Radiant Vitality and Inner Peace in your life

The Pampered Goddess is custom made for you & your needs!

Your first step begins with a Luxury Pampering Day, where you will choose your favorite way to be
pampered and supported, body, mind, and soul. Read all about the choices on
the Pampering Packages page. 

After you have indulged in the day of luxury, you will be able to enroll in the Pampered Goddess Health Circle (currently under creation) for ongoing well-being support. This subscription will include wellness articles, nourishing and healthy recipes, fun activities, Laughter Yoga calls, and so much more! Stay tuned.

To schedule an interview with Quadira:

please click on the link below–and again when a new page opens–enter the information on the attached form, and answer the questions completely. (Note: the Word document should automatically download to your computer when you click the link the second time). Then email the form to Quadira at the address below.


You will be contacted shortly to schedule your complimentary
Pampering Day Discovery Session 

The Pampered Goddess Client Questionnaire 

              (530) 470-0257 •

Quadira is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Play Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader, Aromatherapist, Master Chef, Nutrition Consultant, and
self-proclaimed Sybarite who  believes in pampering as a way of life.

Come indulge yourself in luxury! You deserve it!

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