Quadira is living her dreams and her passion by empowering women to take charge of their health and well-being and to live life full of energy, vitality, joy, passion, laughter, and beauty. She believes that every woman deserves time out to be pampered and nurtured on a regular basis.

me laughing cropQuadira loves to work with women to create increased energy & vitality, healthy eating habits, to reach their ideal weight permanently, to create better body awareness and nurturing, how to bring more laughter and connection to their lives. Modern technology connects us all across the globe, yet we are often so personally isolated and disconnected from nature that we are losing touch with a vital part of ourselves.  

Quadira guides women on a nourishing cleanse, teaches them about using food as medicine, assists them in breaking life-long patterns of overeating, co-designs a lifetime plan for eating, movement, laughter, joy, playfulness, and spiritual fulfillment, and empowers women to reconnect with nature, with their bodies, and with their passion.

What sets Quadira apart from other wellness coaches is her in-depth study of the human psyche through hypnotherapy training, which she utilizes to transform old patterns and beliefs; her ability to facilitate client connection with their Inner Wise Healer; her use of essential oils in her treatments, and her ongoing commitment to good health and nutrition practices, both for herself and for her clients.

Quadira is adamant in her belief that diet and nutrition are very personal, and that “one size does not fit all.” Your eating plan will be completely tailored to your own needs, and will be perfect for your body.

To make an appointment for your complimentary Goddess Discovery Session and determine which package is the right fit for You,
fill out and email the form on the 
Pampered Goddess Profile page:

(530) 470-0257 or email: laughyourselfwhole@gmail.com

Get Your Free Laughter Yoga Audio Here! 

Quadira is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Play Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader, Aromatherapist, Master Chef, Nutrition Consultant, and
self-proclaimed Sybarite who  believes in pampering as a way of life.

Come indulge yourself in luxury! You deserve it!




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