Explode Your Capacity to Transform Your Life!

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5 Pillars of Mastering Spiritual Mind Treatment


Have you often wished you knew how to pray, but don’t know where to start? Do you already pray, but wish your prayers were more effective? Would you love to learn a powerful method of Affirmative Prayer?

Hello there, this is Quadira. I grew up in a family that went to Episcopal church most Sundays, and that held strong Quaker values. From the age of twelve, when I studied for my Confirmation, I began a lifelong study of spirituality. I memorized and repeated certain prayers every evening as I was preparing for sleep, and I still love those particular prayers. Yet when I discovered Spiritual Mind Treatment, I was blown away by the results I got from my Affirmative Prayers!                  –>Listen to a Spiritual Mind Treatment Here!<–     


What if you knew that everything you’re praying for is already here?

We want things to be different, we beseech God or the Universe to bring us what we desire, we beg for others to be different–and we get quite upset when the people or situations don’t go the way we want.

√ Has this ever happened to You? Do you then conclude your prayers are not being answered?

Affirmative Prayer requires us to shift our consciousness so that we come into alignment with Divine Order.

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Through Spiritual Mind Treatment (SMT), we learn to have peace and patience with the process of the unfolding of whatever we are praying for. We literally treat or heal our minds, calming the fears and the chatter and bringing ourselves back into alignment with our Divine Selves. Spiritual Mind Treatment was developed by Ernest Holmes, founder of Science of Mind, as a method of prayer that brings us into union with Spirit as co-creator of our lives. We will be mastering the 5 Pillars of Spiritual Mind Treatment, a synthesis of Affirmative Prayer with Law of Attraction.

My most powerful demonstration of answered prayer came during a particularly low time in my life, when I urgently needed a new car and had absolutely no funds in hand. As an exercise for the prayer class I was in, I wrote an SMT claiming my good and affirming that I had the car of my dreams. As with Law of Attraction, I also had to take divine right action, which I did. Within a week I had a wonderful newer car!

With Affirmative Prayer, as with Law of Attraction, we declare and affirm that what we are praying for is already true.

√ Do you ever tell yourself that you’re not good enough, you don’t have enough money, you can’t do something because (fill in the blank), life will never get better, and that’s just the way it is?

Instead of focusing on our lack and limitations, or our fears and worries, we give thanks that what we seek is already at hand, and we recognize that Spirit is our one true source, the Master Physician, the All There Is. When we can let go of our need to control the outcome, we can relax and allow Spirit to deliver our good in Divine timing. 

Release, surrender, and let go of the outcome.

√ Do you find yourself praying for the same thing over and over again, or worse, falling back into negative thinking and attempting to control the outcome of your prayer? (Are you eager to skip the rest of this page and join the program?  Go here to register! )

Once we complete a Spiritual Mind Treatment, we need to release it and let go, allowing the Universe to fulfill the prayer, and trusting that it is already answered. This, God, or something better. All is well.

I have completed two years of Core Spiritual Curriculum at Inner Light Ministries, and am an ongoing student of Sufism. Prayer, meditation, sacred chant, Dances of Universal Peace, and devotional reading are interwoven into my daily practice. I host a Facebook group, The Prayer Circle, where I post prayer and sacred poetry; I also offer written and spoken prayers and healing songs to anyone in need, as part of my prayer ministry. I am still a work in progress, and I am so eager to share Spiritual Mind Treatment with others, that I cannot wait to launch this Playshop!


Are you ready to blast away the gremlins and boost your

health & wealth, heal your body & mind, and manifest

your desires & dreams? Get ready to

Explode Your Capacity to Transform Your Life!


Here’s what you can experience as a result of being in this program:

  Experience the joy of reconnecting with your Loving Spirit as you come to a place of greater trust in the order of things.

♥  Learn what spiritual qualities are and how to embody and apply them. As you focus on your own inner qualities and those you wish to attract, you will draw to you that which you seek.

♥ Release any shameful or disempowering religious programming you might have grown up with. We are loveable and acceptable just as we are, since we are a part of Spirit.

♥ Demystify how and why prayer works.

♥ Gain understanding of the continuum of light and dark and how we are all in various stages of light throughout our lives.

♥ Learn to turn to prayer as a first choice rather than a last resort. Prayer really can have powerful results.

♥ Return to a state of balance & harmony as you develop more inner peace.


This eight-week seminar will rock your world by
propelling you out of the mental realm and into a
conscious, loving communion with your own Divine
Self. All faiths are embraced and welcome in this
seminar; you need not belong to any particular
religion to participate, or even believe in God.

Your Commitment: You will commit to showing up for every weekly call, and you participating in the activities.

You will also commit to practice what you learn in your daily life and do some written or creative assignments that demonstrate your grasp of the teachings.


Here’s a summary of what you will get:

(Includes $1400 in valuable bonuses!)


÷ Five Pillars of Spiritual Mind Treatment in document form.

÷ Eight Weekly group calls, which will include meditation, prayer, Q & A, and various activities.

÷ Prayer Journal to record your thoughts, prayers, and gratitudes.

÷ Prayer Cards for you to fill out.

÷ Materials for all group activities.

÷ A private Facebook forum for members of the program. You will be invited into the forum once you sign up. This is the place to build community, ask for prayer support, and share your success stories!

÷ Prayer Partners. During the first session, you will be choosing a partner to pray with for the duration of the program. You will be expected to pray together at least once
a week.



Bonus #1: Two private live prayer sessions with Quadira ($500 value). These will be scheduled throughout the 8 weeks.


Bonus #2: Beautiful hand made Goddess Box Prayer Kit ($100 value) for holding special prayers, wishes, hopes & dreams. Includes blank prayer cards, a special pen, and tips for writing prayers.


Bonus #3: Graduates will be invited to join my group, Partners in Prayer for Peace ($800 value). Details to be announced.

Bonus #2: Beautiful hand made Goddess Box Prayer Kit ($100 value) for holding special prayers, wishes, hopes & dreams. Includes blank prayer cards, a special pen, and tips for writing prayers.


Bonus #3: Graduates will be invited to join my group, Partners in Prayer for Peace ($800 value). Details to be announced.


Join “Explode Your Capacity to Transform Your Life” Now!

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Choose Beta Testers payment of just $98.00!

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Or choose to pay whatever your heart is calling you to contribute


Enroll today! The Playshop meets weekly at 1 pm PST every Thursday, beginning October 13, and running through December 8, 2016.

I donate 3% of profits to Purses With a Purpose!

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