Somatic Healing

Somatic Healing is a cutting-edge technology for releasing the physical body of chronic illness and the residual pain of accident and stress-related injuries, in conjunction with medical treatment. Somatic Healing includes:

• Hypnotic Movement, which allows the muscles of the affected area to move in their own unique ways, relieving stress and promoting healing by gently releasing traumas held in the body

• Interactive Process, which assists in clearing out the emotional aspects of trauma and injury and facilitates the physical relief from pain

• Color Healing, a process of identifying the color of the pain or illness and having the client visualize this color draining out of the affected area, and then replacing that with a healing color

• Inner Healer Wisdom, accessing that part of us who can give us health advice and help correct physical problems in the body

Chakras 1All Somatic Healing processes are pain-free, and the hypnotic movement is done in slow-motion. This allows the body to begin to return to its natural state of well-being without compounding the injuries. Somatic Healing is performed in a safe environment, and includes the therapist supporting the client through gentle touch, essential oils, laughter, and toning.




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