Imagine this scenario: You are granted permission to take the day off, go on a mini retreat–just for you–where all of your fantasies of being taken care of come true. You areTaj_Spa_4 transported to a luxurious location for a day of pampering treatments, rest, contemplation, walking in nature, and perhaps receiving some coaching to address some of the biggest challenges to your health and well-being. Or a day to devote to your inner creative self. You get to leave all your old luggage behind and have a full day and two nights of pure indulgence, delectable food, and inner transformation in a sumptuous setting. Imagine having a day to just let go and allow yourself to receive! Yes, this can come true!

If you are like many women, you probably devote many of your waking hours to others: your spouse, your children, your career, your family, friends, and colleagues. You might be thinking that you take care of everyone–except your Self. Do you find yourself wishing for someone to take on some of your tasks or responsibilities? Do you long to sleep for a solid week? 

As a woman, you were likely taught to give, give, give, and then give some more. You keep telling yourself that some day you’ll go on a diet, start to exercise, learn to eat better, hire a cook, housekeeper, or nanny. Suddenly you wake up one morning, realizing that you’re now 40 or 50, you’ve put on 30-50 lbs, your body aches, the kids are grown, and possibly you’re facing divorce. Even if you are an entrepreneur in good health and happily married or single, you may still be overworked, over-stressed, burned-out, and exhausted. Do you crave uninterrupted time to walk in nature, to stop doing and simply be still? The Pampered Goddess Day is just for you!  

So why is it important to have a luxurious setting in which to be pampered? Because we are all Goddesses; because the soul thrives on beauty; because a unique and gorgeous setting for a day of being pampered and nurtured will give you a tremendous boost, leave you refreshed, and allow you to return to your life with a new perspective and new energy.

• Bring laughter and play 
back into your life 
• Find joy in any situation, 
no matter how challenging
• Release 
the old issues and beliefs that keep you in limitation
• Let go of stress 
and reconnect to your inner peace 
• Learn tools to change your eating habits 
and heal your relationship to food
• Design your ideal eating program 
with the wisdom of your Inner Healer 
• Understand value of organic food 
and fresh pure water
• Feel good about yourself 
as you learn to love your body 
• Awaken and nurture 
your creative self
• Have fun!   


1936_Ford_Model_68_730_De_Luxe_Fordor_Touring_Sedan_dkYour pampering begins with an elegant car meeting you at the airport, and whisking you to your private room with a gorgeous view.



220px-Compiègne_Château_09After you settle in to your room, Quadira will escort you to dinner at an exquisite restaurant, where we will discuss the plans for the next day and develop our connection. Then you return to your room for a delicious soak in the bath and deep sleep in your luxury bed.




800px-Fruit_salad(yum_yum)In the morning, you’re treated to scrumptious breakfast,





followed by a walk in nature. Path_through_the_woods_-_geograph.org.uk_-_815658
Then Quadira will spend the day pampering you with all of the coaching, creative movement, and bodywork treatments you have custom-ordered for your day. (Note: full body massage options may be offered by one of Quadira’s staff members.)



Choose from one of these packages: 

1) Love Your Body Pampering

• Body-image coaching
• Image consulting 
• Laughter & Play
• Creative Movement
Choose three:
• Facial Massage with Hand & Foot Soak
• Full Body Massage
• Raindrop Technique Essential Oil Treatment
• Beauty makeover
• Hair style/cut

2) Sumptuous Artist Pampering

• Journaling
• Art therapy
• Laughter & Play
• Creative Movement
• Sumptuous art supplies for your project
• Mindfulness & Meditation

3) Radiant Vitality Pampering

• Wellness Coaching
• Essential Alchemy to release old food traumas
• Body image coaching
• Nutrition consultation & education
• Meal plan design and healthy recipes
• Creative Movement
Laughter & Play
• Mindfulness & Meditation

4) Design Your Own Pampering Day

Choose one area from above to focus on, plus add in up to 3 bodywork treatments. Or just spend the day getting bodywork, play, dance, laughter, and time in nature.

Whichever package you select, your day will also include:
  Yummy nutritious meals
  Time alone to integrate and journal
  A walk in nature
  Two nights in a posh hotel room
  Transportation to and from the airport
  Options for ongoing support from Quadira

You will gain many tools and strategies to implement right away, to create more space for self-love and self-nurturing in your life. You will leave feeling totally coddled, rested, and refreshed, ready to go back to your world with a fresh perspective!  

To make an appointment for your complimentary Goddess Discovery Session and determine which package is the right fit for You,
fill out and email the form on the 
Pampered Goddess Profile page


(831) 275-3687 or email: laughyourselfwhole@gmail.com 

Get your Free Laughter Yoga Audio Here!  


Quadira is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Play Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader, Aromatherapist, Master Chef, Nutrition Consultant, and
self-proclaimed Sybarite who  believes in pampering as a way of life.

Come indulge yourself in luxury! You deserve it!

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  1. Wow, lovely offerings, Quadira! many blessings for just the right goddesses to appear at just the right times, ready to be pampered away! Many blessings and congratulations!


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